Supply Chain Services

We believe your time, skills and knowledge should be focused on what you do best – without the distraction of supply chain issues. To achieve optimum results, Route2Market offers a comprehensive suite of robust solutions and services that will take away all the pains of your logistics operations.

1.Distribution and Transport Solutions

Reduce costs, improve visibility and increase efficiency of product movement.

Om Kiran Logistics Park and Right Warehousing are our in-house companies to help you in the storage and movement of the goods. We have two decades of experience in storage and distribution. Our team will be single point contact for all your distribution requirements. We provide local distribution deliveries in the Delhi NCR region by company-owned delivery vehicles. To deliver products in other parts of India, we work with our delivery partners and ensure full/ partial truckload in the fastest manner. We will distribute your goods to your customer, distributor, reseller, or e-commerce partner. We also handle returns and exchanges.

2.Storage And Warehouse Solutions

We have multiple storage options within our 500,000 SQ FT OmKiran Logistics Park in Delhi NCR. The flexible storage facility is managed by Right Warehouse Solutions and we are equipped to handle cargo of different shapes and sizes. Our facilities are 100% secured and guarded.

3.Packaging and Labelling

Packaging, label printing, pictograph printing, and barcode

Packaging, label printing, pictograph printing, and barcode. We repack your products from jumbo master cartons to smaller retail boxes to fulfil your customer’s specific order requirement. Label printing, pictograph printing, and barcode can be arranged as required.

AnyTimeWarehouse™ offers multiple packaging options, with an outsourced customised labelling facility in our warehouse. According to packaging requirements, we can source boxes in the required shape, size and capacity. Save on the costs and time.
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Nifty offers four broad categories of services in its best Network.

4.Order Processing & Management

We fulfil local orders, issue invoices and required documentation, track delivery positions, timely delivery, follow up for acceptance, and return/ exchange as required. We take care of the entire line of orders. We retrieve the order as per the packing list, arrange them for secondary packing, make them ready for delivery, issue invoice and deliver it to the customer.

5.CNF, Super Stockists, Distribution Support

Stockists and distributors play an important role in efficiently reaching the customer. We at Route2Market® have decades of experience working in distributing FMCG products and have built a network of experienced players. We work with you to identify the ideal distribution strategy, which could be direct sales, exclusive stores, online, or a hybrid approach. We have all the required business registrations and approvals to distribute your products via our in-house distribution company. We will help you identify and appoint local sub-distributors, stock points and retailers.

6.Customs Clearance & Forwarding

We handle clearing your products through customs, so your shipment passes through without issue – saving you time and headache. We complete all customs clearance formalities and fulfil compliance requirements through reputed third-party custom brokerage houses and take delivery of consignment with us. In case trans-loading service is required at the port, we handle it and shift the consignment by local trailer trucks to our warehouse. In case the cross-docking facility is desired, we also govern the same to optimize the costs.