Entering Indian Market


1.Market Research

In-depth market research helps in identifying and assessing the potential and possibilities.  You have zeroed in on India as the next growth destination but yet are not completely aware of the dynamics, we will suggest you to schedule a call with us and we will be glad to provide our complimentary preliminary assessment.

Based on the information, if you feel that you want a deeper understanding we will be glad to do in-depth research on your behalf of the market. The outcome of our market study will be an assessment of the macroeconomic environment across sector segments and their distribution channels. This study will clearly bring out the opportunities for placing your products in the Indian market. We analyse the complexities of market structures, channel, compliances & approvals and operational logistics to access the Indian market. The study will also identify the competitive environment and potential partners for a region in India.

2.Connect Distributors/ Retailers

Channel partners play an important role in reaching the customer.  Finding the right distribution partner who understands the market, geography, network channel is an important step in doing the business. We at Route2Market® adopt a direct hands-on approach for this. We understand your product, business priorities and based on that will prepare a database of interested distributor partners. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are available at all stages of decision making and constantly guiding you with our experience and knowledge. Our first-hand information and handholding will ensure a perfect, long term selection. We will help you in contract negotiation and finalisation.  Our services do not stop with this but continue beyond. We will be glad to share more in a discussion with you.

We have decades of experience in handling distribution channels and partners.


3.Product Demonstration/ Pilot Launch

We are your extended arms in the Indian market.

We have all the necessary approvals to directly import products in India and ship them to any location in India. We can demonstrate your products and services to an enquiry or a potential customer/ distributor/ retailer. We have all the required business registrations and trained manpower to do demos and sales follow-ups.

4.Direct Meeting with Decision-Makers/ Trade Shows

A direct meeting with the decision-maker is important in getting quick feedback and response. It is a cost effective and time-saving approach. Due to the hierarchical characteristics of Indian organisations, it is difficult to obtain a meeting with the right person at the senior management. We at Route2Market will take your product or service directly to the decision-maker to give you immediate feedback on the suitability, pricing and market. We will be scheduling these meetings and our representative can travel with you for these meetings. The meetings can also be done virtually and we can travel to meet these decision-makers with the product for demo.

Trade shows and exhibitions are an opportunity to present your product and services to a wide interested audience. These venues are an important source of lead generation. We guide you on the right trade show to participate in and will help you to participate in the show. To know more, connect to us.


5.Set up Offices and Manufacturing units

We assist in negotiations at all levels.

We offer assistance in site selection and identification. Finding the right property checking for the required approvals and clearances. Assisting you with the local by-laws, doing due diligence and finalizing the contract.  We assist in negotiations at all levels and will guide you in securing the incentives/ subsidies (if applicable).



We work to understand your issues and are driven to ask better questions in the pursuit of making your business work better.