Route2Market® as a market entry accelerator provides all the services necessary to reach the customer, in a real sense, Customs2Customers™. Within this gamut is e-commerce, which is seeing unprecedented growth these days.

1.Marketplace Onboarding- we have our own portal nshmart.com

Reduce costs, improve visibility and increase efficiency of product movement.

Marketplace Onboarding- we have our own portal and tie-up with major marketplaces. We have a dedicated team and a full-fledged distribution and packaging center. We will help you with the fastest onboarding at reduced costs, improve visibility and increase the efficiency of product movement.

  • Instant Onboarding-Relations with Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm
  • Efficiently prepares catalogs, lists and takes care of compliances
  • Dedicated team to handle hundreds of orders every day
  • Efficient packing and flawless delivery
  • Tie-ups with leading courier services to cater to every corner of India
  • Promotions to increase the visibility of products on the marketplace


2.Self-Portal Management

  • Providing a single point source to access products, and services
  • Offering access to abundant digital resources
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Empowering customers