What is Route2Market™?

Route2Market™ or R2M as we like to often refer is a business accelerator for launching products in the Indian market. India is known as a lucrative but a complex market, To crack this puzzle and to overcome the challenges of infrastructure, time and resources we have launched multiple services and integrated them under the umbrella of Route2Market™. This integrated approach ensures that traditionally the things which took 6 months to 18 months in identification, acquisition and implementation can now be done in a couple of weeks time.

What all services R2M provides

We offer the following services:-

  • Storage on fixed/ variable terms;
  • Warehousing and value-added services - sorting, pick ‘n pack, assembling, labeling as VAS as per client need;
  • Inventory management, order processing & documentation;
  • Transportation,
  • Reverse logistics
  • Distribution arrangements
  • Online e-commerce onboarding, selling & listing on the marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm;
  • Business support services such as business registration and compliance, customs clearance, marketing and distribution network development also offered, shared office.

Why should we consider R2M as India market entry platform?

R2M provides:

  • Need to suit, tailored solutions and services necessary to launch the product;
  • Integrated solution;
  • Cost-effective, more than 50% reduced costs
  • Time efficient - saves 90% time for launching
  • Local people, international experience.

What type of products R2M handles?

Any product other than a hazardous or banned item.

Does R2M has a warehouse facility? Where is it located?

R2M has 450,000 sqft of space in their “Omkiran Logistics Park” in Delhi NCR at Ghaziabad, strategically located, on 6 lane National Highway - 9, Ghaziabad.

How secure are their warehouse space?

The 21+ acre logistics park is a gated complex with compound wall, monitored round the clock by guards and is under CCTV surveillance.

How big is R2M warehouse space?

450,000sf of warehouse building developed as per international standard and is expanding to take care of future growth.

Is space available at any time?

Yes. R2M has a special arrangement by which they have access to suitable space.

Do R2M clear goods from customs and transport to the destined warehouse?

Yes R2M handles customs clearing through their agents and take delivery of products from customs yard and transport to our warehouse.

Any reporting system R2M follow?

Yes, reports are provided periodically and can be customized.

Do R2M collects return goods back from the market?

Yes, R2M provides reverse logistics facility. It can also collect goods lying unsold in the market and bring back to our warehouse for sending them back to the owner.

Do R2M provides distribution and transportation service?

Yes, R2M is providing distribution and transportation services. The team at R2M is of seasoned, experienced professionals who have decades of experience in the market and in the field of distribution. For food and beverages, R2M is supported by its own entity Anannda Foods and Beverages. For non-food products, we have our network which can be explored and leveraged for distribution. Be assured, there is always a solution with the team at R2M.

Do R2M provide marketing and promotion services?

No, R2M is not in marketing and promotion activities. But it can connect you with its partners in multiple fields. It can also share recommendation and with knowledge of the markets, the insights offered by R2M are invaluable.

Do R2M handle our sales?

No, R2M is a logistics infrastructure with a heart and sense. Like other logistics company, it is not delivering products but is delivering a complete solution. We hand hold your entry in the market by providing the right storage space, which is flexible with your needs. We give you a distribution solution, we help you onboard e-commerce platforms. We provide a shared office so that you can start your activities from day one. All the business administration requirements are met. With R2M there is virtually no time lag between your taking a decision to launch in India and actually launching. Everything being scalable the costs are minimal and it grows with the business.

Will R2M help us in listing our products on ecommerce platform?

Yes, R2M helps you onboard e-commerce instantly. We have our own online portal on which the products can be listed, we have also enlisted ourselves with major market places like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTM. We have tie-ups with all e-commerce door delivery companies. We also have a dedicated entity which handles packages and parcel for online sales.

What is the concept of shared office?

To take care of the companies launching in India, R2M offers the benefit of shared office. The shared office can take care of the office needs of the key persons of a company visiting India time to time for multiple reasons and will also provide an official address for obtaining business registrations/ communications. To set up an office in the early days is costly as the optimum size and location are yet to be identified, the shared office offers the flexibility of space and also keeps the costs low.

My Question is not listed here

Yes, that is very much possible. You are requested to please write to us at our email id: info@route2.market and we will be glad to answer you.

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